Project Description

Long-type Electric Strike KS-132NO/NC

Long-type Electric Strike Description:

Electric strikes come in many varieties. It is the electric strike with long face plate. It has two modes: A fail safe electric strike needs power to keep it locked. A fail secure electric strike stays locked even without power.

Long-type Electric Strike Specification :

  • Lock Size: 250Lx25Wx31H(mm)
  • Strike Structure: Stainless Steel
  • Holding Force: 500kg
  • Voltage: DC12V
  • Current: 200mA(KS-132NO)
  • Feature: Fail Secure(KS-132NO)
    Fail Safe(KS-132NC)
  • Surface Temperature: Within +20℃
  • Suitable Temperature: -10~+55℃(14-131F)
  • Face plate Housing: Painted Steel
  • Function: Built-out MOV
  • Suitable For: Wooden Door,Metal Door, PVC Door
  • Opening Mode: 90 Degree Swinging Door
  • Weight:4kg
  • Standard Packing: 30pcs/box

Long-type Electric Strike Features:

  • Holding 500kg.
  • Aluminum, Stainless Steel Bolt.
  • Testing to 100000
  • High-Temperature Painted,Durable and BeautifulArticle.
  • CE Certificate by European Union, MACertificate by China Public Security office.
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